Directed by pug Bujeaud

June 1st - June 17th, 2018
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm
Sundays at 2:00pm

Pay What You Can: Thursday, June 14th at 7:30pm

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Start your summer with Shakespeare and one of his best!

Macbeth is a brave and loyal Thane to King Duncan. After hearing a prophecy that he will become king himself, Macbeth is overcome by ambition and greed. Bolstered by the prophecy and his wife’s encouragement, he kills King Duncan and takes the throne. Afterwards, Macbeth’s guilt, fear, and paranoia lead him to commit even more murders to secure his power. His confidence in the prophecies eventually leads to his downfall and he is overthrown and killed by those he has wronged. 

Jess Allan as Gentlewoman
Nicholas Anderson as Seyton
Rodman Bolek as Macduff
Ethan Bujeaud as Witch/Siward
Jonathan Hart as Porter/2nd Murderer
Adrianna Littlejohn as Lady Macduff
Corbin McLaughlin as 1st Murderer/Whey Faced Lion
Kathryn Grace Philbrook as Lady Macbeth
Maddox Pratt as Ross
Kaylie Hussey as Witch (Mother)
Laurice Roberts as Hecate/Doctor
Ben Stahl as Lennox
Jacob Tice as Malcolm
Dylan Twiner as Macbeth
Jackie VC as Witch
Jessica Weaver as Banquo
Dennis Worrell as Duncan
Sean Raybell as Angus
Simon Bonsteel as Fleance
Caleb Corpeno as Son of Macduff
Kyle Yoder as Donalbain