Auditions for LAURA

Sunday, February 3rd from 6:00pm-9:00pm
Monday, February 4th from 7:00pm-10:00pm
Auditions by appointment only



Tacoma Little Theatre is holding auditions for its multiracial production of the noir classic, Laura, written by Vera Caspary and George Sklar, and directed by Randy Clark.

Auditions will be held Sunday, February 3rd and Monday, February 4th at Tacoma Little Theatre. Audition appointments will be set between the times of 6:00pm-9:00pm on Sunday and 7:00pm-10:00pm on Monday in five-minute increments. Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, February 6th.  

When Mark McPherson first falls in love with Laura, he knows he's in love with a phantom—for Laura is dead, and he's in charge of her murder investigation. From her portrait, her letters, her personal effects, and from his contacts with the three men who loved her, Mark has created an image of a woman tantalizingly alive and real.  As the detective grows obsessed with the case, he finds himself falling in love with the dead woman.  What really happened to Laura?

Actors are asked to prepare a two-minute memorized monologue of your choice. 

Actors of all ethnicities are encouraged to audition and all roles are available:  Mark McPherson (male, 30-45), Danny Dorgan (male, 16-20), Waldo Lydecker (male, 40-50), Shelby Carpenter (male, 30-35), Bessie Clary (female, 30-60), Mrs. Dorgan (female, 40-50), Officer Olsen (male, 25-35), A Girl (female, 20-30).

To reserve an audition time, follow this link (, or call our Box Office at (253) 272-2281.

Once cast, Laura will run from Friday, April 26, 2019 to Sunday, May 12, 2019.

Role Title: A Girl
Gender: Female
Age Range: 20 - 30

Description: A young, self-assured, beautiful and deceptive woman, she is equally alluring and manipulative. It is very hard to get a bead on whether her stories are true, false or somewhere in between. She holds the answer to the mystery, but will not give up any details easily. She is the product of her environment and her success, which she acquired through hard work (or was it because of her charms?). She should keep the audience and the other characters onstage on the edge of their seats and fully relaxed at the same time.

Role Title: Officer Olsen
Gender: Male
Age Range: 25 - 35

Description: He is McPherson's subordinate, a police officer.

Role Title: Mrs. Dorgan
Gender: Female
Age Range: 40 - 50

Description: Danny's overwrought mother, she is frayed at the ends, possibly even suffering from some neurosis. She has sacrificed everything to provide the very best for her son, Danny, and she sees him wasting his talent on his affectations for Laura.

Role Title: Danny Dorgan
Gender: Male
Age Range: 16 - 20

Description: A musical protege, he and his mother live two floors below Laura in the same building. He is a classical pianist, with his eyes on Julliard, but his real passion is the jazz music of the era. He was also in love with Laura, much to his mother's dismay.

Role Title: Waldo Lydecker
Gender: Male
Age Range: 50 - 60

Description: Waldo is best described as an elitist and eccentric. He is a relatively well-known writer, and considers himself an aficionado of all things artistic and intellectual. His manner is theatrical and grandiose and he enjoys playing people off of each other. He treated Laura as a pet project, and was also in love with her, though he recognized the foolishness of this unrequited love.

Role Title: Mark McPherson
Gender: Male
Age Range: 30 - 35

Description: Lead detective on the Laura Hunt murder case. He is shrewd and guarded with a dry sense of humor. Not attractive in a conventional sense, but lean, vibrant and masculine. He has fallen in love with Laura through his interviews with her friends and family since her death, though he never met her when she was alive. He walks with a slight limp.

Role Title: Shelby Carpenter
Gender: Male
Age Range: 25 - 30

Description: Shelby was Laura's fiance. He was born and raised in the South, and has the mannerisms of a well-bred gentleman, as well as the hypocrisies. He loved Laura, but felt threatened by her individuality and independence. He is either naive or plays the part in order to keep people around him at ease, but there is definitely a sense of much more lurking beneath the surface. Has a slight Southern accent.

Role Title: Bessie Clay
Gender: Female
Age Range: 30 - 60

Description: Laura's maid and close professional friend. Bessie knew all of Laura's secrets and kept them to herself. Absolutely loyal to Laura and she remains so even after her death. She is opinionated and very outspoken, if you can get her to talk. She recognizes authority but has no respect for it. She is superstitious yet practical and full of common sense.