Dear Friend of Tacoma Little Theatre: 

100 YEARS!  I still can’t believe it.  Each time that I hear that number it makes me proud to live in a community that has supported Tacoma Little Theatre for a full century.  100 years ago we started with no home, performing in whatever space we could find.  You, as our generous community, have been with us as we purchased our current auditorium in 1940, the expansion that created our lobby in 1956, and two years ago when we acquired the building next door that has become “Stage Right”, which houses our technical operations.  Through these 100 years, you have experienced high quality performing arts right here in your backyard.  100 years is a long journey, and it’s been an honor to have you with us through all the laughter, tears, and challenges. 

“We’ve been coming for many years to TLT and we always think we have seen the BEST play each time, but then when we see the most current one, we love it too!  This play was incredible - such talented actors, the music, the dance, the joy it brought to all of us in the audience.  Thank You, Thank You for making our Sundays something to look forward to each and every time!” -A TLT Ticket Holder

TLT was honored this year by the City of Tacoma’s AMOCAT award which recognizes organizations that positively impact the community with their passion, innovation, and commitment to the arts.  Under the guidance of our staff and Board of Directors, TLT is already planning on what the next century will bring.  Many of you have seen the small changes that have happened over the last six seasons such as air conditioning, parking for Season Ticket holders, new house and stage lighting, and the start of our “Grab a Seat” campaign.  We take your suggestions very seriously, so please always let us know what you’re enjoying, and what we could improve upon. 

“Honestly, I wasn't overly enthused and almost gave the tickets away to a friend.  So glad I kept them.  What fun and so very well done! Too much fun to miss! One of the very best mounted shows yet at TLT. Over time it has been a pleasure to watch the productions at TLT improve and continue to surprise and delight! Great job to all!”  -A TLT Patron after seeing Seussical

TLT provides the South Puget Sound region with an education program serving youth and adults in the community year-round, helping them reach their creative potential.  During the 2017/18 season attendance for this program increased by 250% from previous years.  Last year 37 students received full or partial scholarships.  This represents an increase of 33% due to student need.  You embraced this need and increased donations to give the experience of theatre to students who otherwise financially, would not be able to participate.  These scholarships change lives and you are helping to create the future performers who will grace stages in Pierce county and beyond. 

“The organization displayed by the staff for ‘Hairspray’ was phenomenal. Every detail was covered!!! Thank you for all of your hard work and mentoring the kiddos, especially my daughter. I’m not sure the staff realizes the difference they’re making in these kid’s lives... the friendships, sense of family and a place they can truly be themselves!!”  -A TLT Parent

100 years of donations have helped sustain TLT and the performing arts in our region.  It is only through the continued support of our community members that the arts can thrive.  We offer a range of donation options that are listed at the bottom of this letter.  You can even pledge your donation amount over a monthly or quarterly payment schedule.  If you are interested in establishing a legacy gift of support through planned (estate) giving or stock transfers, please contact me directly.  Remember that any amount helps us, from $1 to $10,000.  TLT is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization making your donation fully tax-deductible.

If you have already donated to us this season, thank you!  If you are considering donating to us now, thank you!  Please fill out the bottom portion of this letter or CLICK HERE to make a donation online.  To donate over the phone, you may call me personally at 253-272-2281.  It’s always a delight to have the opportunity to speak with those that have kept TLT thriving for 100 Years.

All my best,
Chris Serface
Managing Artistic Director


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