October 27-November 12

Two Japanese sisters, the elder one living in Tokyo, the younger one living in Los Angeles, who haven’t spoken to each other since the younger sisters marriage to an American soldier shortly after the U.S. Occupation of Japan following World War II.

As the sisters live their lives apart, one of them begins to show signs of early dementia. Now, their daughters are scheming to bring their mothers together, before aging and failing health make such a reunion impossible.

CALLIGRAPHY is a bittersweet story that weaves both humor and sadness as the aging mothers come to grips with their history, their present lives and what it means to be a family. It is also a humorous tale of two cousins, who jokingly spar with one another and share a long-distance kinship via modern technology, proving that blood is thicker than even cyberspace. CALLIGRAPHY is a heartwarming look at mothers and daughters, aunts and cousins, Japanese-style.