Ouroboros Shadow Pictures Presents: THE HISTORY OF WAKING UP

Ouroboros Shadow Pictures, based in Oakland, CA, is one of the foremost touring shadow-theater companies in the United States. Their specialized methods of shadow-cinema set their work apart from that of other shadow groups. This summer, they are proud to premiere their newest work at Tacoma Little Theater. In town for one night only, this intimate, not-to-be-missed performance promises to be unlike anything you have seen. As it sweeps with sound and visual intrigue, this emotional tone-poem reaches for the corners of memory by speaking to the desperation of everyone’s “too late”. 

THE HISTORY OF WAKING UP will show at 8pm on Saturday July 25th. 

The story follows two people through their nightmares and fantasies, painting a haunting picture of solitude, memory and parallel realities. Set after a tragic incident in the lives of the characters, this story explores their perceptions of time and their struggles with loneliness. When the line between the real and the imagined begins to disintegrate, the collective journey of both characters becomes clear. Important note: this is not a puppet show and may not be appropriate for children under 13. In the spirit of Ingmar Bergman, the show offers character perspectives that are both undesirable and necessary.

THE HISTORY OF WAKING UP is written and performed by Alisa Javits and Adam Lipsky. A visual artist and musician respectively, the two founded Ouroboros Shadow Pictures in 2013. Alisa is the primary designer, builder and performer of the sculptural shadow art, which is used as props in the productions; Adam is responsible for the music and sound elements of the productions. The company has toured frequently and grown rapidly since its founding. Their ongoing efforts are aimed at creating evocative narratives with original music and immersing visual environments. Behind the giant freestanding shadow screen, sound and cinematography are created live, charging each performance with the energy of improvisation. The audience is brought in and surrounded by the full-room expanse of the shadow world. 

The show runs 50 minutes without an intermission. 

Reservations are recommended: $12 advanced / $17 door.

Tickets can be purchased online here, or at the Box Office open T-F 1-5 (253-272-2281).